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Banks of Holy Ganges, Garhmukteshwar (Brijghat)

Wassup jerk? How’ve you been dude?” I shouted like old times.

All’s well brother! I thought you didn’t pull your dumb ass out of bed before the clocks hit 12. How come you call this early?” he respectfully replied.

Came down to SGIT, Aanchal’s got an exam today, so thought of hooking up bro! Tell me, where do we meet?”(SGIT is a college on NH-24, the exam center).

Shit!” he blabbered. “What’s up? Is there a problem?” I asked.

Dude, I’m at my sister’s place. Came out for New Year celebration. You should’ve told me a night back man!” he told me patiently.

Crapp! I’m here for you dickhead. Hufff….. (After a sigh of having forgotten the culprit) Nevermind brother, may be some other time. You make sure you celebrate the hell out of this New Year night. HNY dude.

Alright, in the first place, I must tell you that this one just came out of nowhere. I was supposed to meet a friend in Hapur, who used to be my classmate in college & suffered equal technological humiliation side-by-side with me the entire time. However, having known me for quite a long time, for it has been more than a year that I’ve been penning down travelogues, you must know that it’s pretty tough for a biker to settle down in the sofa at a friend’s place & eat tummy-aching not-so-delicious food. Instead, a biker finds out a way to ride, coz that’s the way of life!

The Wander Machine…

The Wanderer…


An average December morning woke me up at 7. It was my friend’s exam. Through collaborative opinions, it was decided that while she tears apart the question paper inside the examination hall, I’d go visit my friend in Hapur. Seemed wise to me, for I got an opportunity to go for a short ride down the highway in that lovely weather. As per the plan, I drove her to the exam center. It was one chilling winter morning I must say. While she made her way to the entry gate, I snapped out my mobile phone & called my friend whom I was supposed to meet next and asked him the whereabouts of Hapur City. Our conversation already made its way to the top of this page.

For sensible folks who don’t give a damn about my senseless thoughts up there, technically the travelogue starts from here. Having ditched by a friend whom I was supposed to meet up, standing outside the exam center I was scratching my worthless head while the idea of burning some rubber down the lonely highway struck me. I had 3 hours in hand, my bike & a fierce-looking wet highway definitely calling for a getaway. I could’ve easily killed time at the adjacent dhaba & did what I did best, eat. But, the day had some surprise escapade lined up for me. With a brisk of the cold breeze that I felt on my lovely cheeks inside the helmet, I rode.

Heading to the unknown lands…

Somewhere near Hapur (NH-24)

It was 09:40AM. Plan was to ride up till Garhmukteshwar (Brijghat) & back. I remembered when I was back in 2ndyear of engineering; some friends from the Electronics department took a day off & went out to the same place. They told me the place looked awesome, was reachable within 2 hours & was worth a ride. Having tracked that the destination was 65kms down the road, I pushed the throttle & went on. NH-24, also known as Delhi-Hapur Highway is a busy one as long as you travel in the neighborhood of Ghaziabad or Hapur. But once you clear the havoc at Hapur bypass & some places like Sambhavali, a smooth stretch starts to show its existence. I remembered that tarmac in my head, for it was the same route that I picked when I went for my first-ever solo ride, Delhi-Lucknow Roadtrip 2009 in March’09. The road looked promising, the weather seemed clear & the best part, the enormous greens running along the highway surely added to the flavor & freshness of riding. I could even smell the aura around on that sunny, fun-filled morning. Although I was supposed to maintain an average speed of 60kmph, looking at the time I had, I made sure that I took periodic halts & capture some flora and fauna around in my mighty N70 2MP lens. As I crossed Hapur, roads began to widen and it began pouring. It was brisk, not a strong downpour, so I decided to ride along for I had the clock ticking. Making my way through some beautiful landscapes especially the green fields that stretched wide, I reached Garhmukteshwar at 11:15AM.

On the way…

Somewhere near Hapur (NH-24)

Somewhere near Hapur (NH-24)

The freshness of a december morning…

Raging highway…

The first words when I opened my gob on seeing the extravagant stoke of nature were “Awesome”, “Koool” & “Amazing man!!” The view was breath-taking. The Holy River Ganges (known a Ganga in Hindu script) flows down the flyover in its slight green shade & people gather at the banks of the river at Brijghat to take a quick bath in the holy waters.

Finally reached my destination…

Garhmukteshwar is a small town situated on the NH-24. Some 100 odd kilometers from Delhi, it’s the closest spot from the capital where the river Ganges flows. Garhmukteshwar is also famous for its bathing fair at Brijghat, which takes place on the Full Moon Day in the month of Kartik. About 8 lakh people come to have a dip in the river Ganges, which they consider to be holy. Another fair, held on the occasion of Dussehra, attracts about 50,000 devotees. Brijghat is also a famous destination among those who love visiting varied temples. Apart from all that, it’s a favorite spot among locals & others to beat the heat in scorching summers.

Ganges (Garhmukteshwar)

Ganges (Garhmukteshwar)

Ganges (Brijghat)

Ganges (Garhmukteshwar)

Ganges (Brijghat)

It was 11:50AM already. I took some photographs of the place; though I could be better dropping down to take a dip but due to lack of time in hand, I turned back. The return ride was soothing. The biker’s nirvana was achieved as I visited a holy place in that calm weather. And the travel bug settled down as well. Now what was clicking my mind was to reach the exam center on time, for Aanchal was to wait for me there after here exam got over at 12:30PM. Thankfully, I was there just 10 minutes late. Raging down the highway at 80kmph paid off.

I turned back from this point…

Some more greens…

Somewhere near Sambhavli (NH-24)

Mighty ride…

Down the road…

My bike performed well again like always.  I’m sure it enjoyed the ride as much as I did. Nothing could be better than a surprise ride, for it comes out of nowhere & leaves you with unforgettable memories to cherish. Travel is one lifetime of experiences. Live it to believe it.

Live in Peace,

Rahul Arora (blogburner)

Murthal Calling (Chapter 5)

There’s no fuckin way that I’m goin with ya”, “Dude, you’re crazy or what?”, “You kidding right?”, “Are you in your senses?”, “Looks like you guys are gonna get your asses whooped”, “A night-out in this freakin weather, you’re gonna kill yourself I tell you”, “Blow your heads off, I have a family to take care of”, “I’m not fond of being a pain in my own ass, you go ahead”.

Those were some common replies I got while I confronted people with my plan for a night-out ride to Murthal last weekend. The more the gobs, the more the talks. People didn’t seem to take me seriously, though I wasn’t in a mood to back down.  The chill was ON & so were my spirits for a weekend ride. Having known that I’d have to leave the town in a month or so, it wasn’t easy for me at all to rest in the warm quilt on that saturday night. I had something else on my mind but as the time for ignition narrowed, so did my plans. I, with agreement of the co-riders, shortened the ride to Murthal, which was initially planned to stretch upto Karnal, Haryana. Amidst the chaos of weather conditions & certain disagreements, the four of us managed to jot down several miles on our odos, while others stayed back & did what they had to. The ride that eventually could turn out to be my last one before I left was underway.


  • HUNK: Rahul (with Chandan as Pillion)
  • P200: Karan
  • P150: Devesh aka Ballu

That's me...

The gang...


“Fuck man, I’m covered from head-to-toe with woolens but still shivering”, Chandan said as he adjusted himself on the pillion seat. He almost looked like a gangster in disguise with mufflers, woolen jacket & gloves. And when I asked him the reason of such arrangements, he told me, “There’s no way my mom could let me out without these”, referring to his extra-cover shield to avoid the chill. Devesh had referred the night-out as my Birthday celebrations in order to get away with his Dad’s consent. He met me at Chandan’s. I was amazed on faking my birthday for the 3rdtime in the same year for Devesh’s Dad. Earlier, during the 2nd chapter of Murthal ride, I excused it to be Devesh’s birthday at my place while he did mine. And without this knowledge, I reached his place to pick him up & was surprised on being wished by his younger brother. “It’s your birthday right? Happy Birthday bhaiya”, his brother said with a wide grin, to which I replied, “Yeah..?? Ohh, yea.. Thanks bro!!” 😀

Me n Ballu

Chandan n Karan

Well that was fun. This time, everything went smooth. Karan joined us at Welcome Metro Station. It was 11:10PM already & we had a long night to live. Karan was having his fair share of woolens as well. “Ohh goshh… My interiors are freezing already. Dunno how I’m gonna get through the night. You are insane Rahul, you got me into this”, Devesh cried digging his hands in his gloves. To this, we laughed & started the off ride. Making our way through I.S.B.T. Kashmere gate, we reached Monastery where we were supposed to take a “Smoke halt” as directed by Devesh earlier. While he fired some of his smokes, the three of us chatted about some worthless engineering stuff. Devesh as usual was pissed off with the studies, so he stayed away from the discussion. And when it got rigidly intolerable for him, he intervened & out of nowhere started a fresh topic for discussion “Who makes the best sneakers, Puma, Nike, Reebok or Adidas??” That was sensible for him though. Devesh was delivering his dominating speech while I noticed a Police vehicle slowing down near us by the roadside. I looked at Chandan while he tried hiding behind the muffler he covered his face with even more. Soon, the policemen left, must have been a patrolling vehicle.

Karan on his No.46

A photography stop...

That's me!

Clock hit 00:00AM & we hit the road again. Next stop was to be at Singhu Border, a smoke halt as well as to get away with some chill. However, while riding towards Narela, I noticed a wide stretch with immense lighting & smooth tarmac. I immediately signaled others to stop by the side for a photography session. I clicked some not-so-clear photographs with my humble N70 2MP lens while others chit-chatted. We rode again. Chandan looked frustrated & had that why-am-I-even-doin-this look on his face. But we tried our best to keep everyone else contained. We talked while we rode slowly & made our way to Singhu Border no NH1. Soon after 35 minutes, we crossed Singhu Border. I signaled Devesh to look out for the Omlette shop; we had stopped at the last time we rode to Murthal in winters. Such shops by the highway usually keep fire lightened in chilling winters. I spotted such a shop with a few men had lightened fire & were selling omlettes at the same time. Hot omlettes & fire, both suited our choices quite well. While Chandan vowed to keep away from non-veg, the three of us hoped on the omlettes. Fire was soothing for sure. I asked Chandan to turn his ass in front of the fire to enjoy the warmth where it really mattered :P , for it was bone-chilling breeze at that time. We managed to have a good time there, enjoyed the lovely omlettes & had some tea at the end. “How much do you eat creeps? We have to ride now. Let’s go!!”, Devesh shouted, though he seemed funny enough. Whipping the dew from the seats, we hit the road.



Warming up...

In no time, setting our bikes ablaze the empty highway, we reached Sukhdev Dhaba, Murthal at 01:40AM. Paranthas were on the menu already, except for the Pizza this time. But believe me, don’t even think about ordering that Pizza ever, for you don’t want to curse the entire Italian Civilization henceforth. It was horrible guys. Chapattis & Pizzas are similar at Dhabas. The moment the waiter brought the order, the four of us looked as pale as the Pizza base. It was awesomely weird. I turned down the one bite I took & almost vowed to quit eating Pizzas for life. Somehow, that thing disappeared from the table. Chandan & Devesh managed to help themselves ;) Soon, the much awaited hot paranthas were served. And that’s when we felt the fruit of riding that far. We shared funny talkies as we saw some awesome chicks around. In no time, tea was served, but again Devesh was responsible enough to feel the lack of ginger. While all of us enjoyed the hot tea, Devesh called up the waiter & got his share replaced with another one with oodles of ginger. “Yaar tumhari toh chai bhi ghatiya ho gayi hai, kar kya rahe ho. Dhaba band karna hai kya?”, Devesh asked the waiter who looked as nervous as if he was denied VISA for a tourist visit to Miami. Quickly, the needful was done & finally Devesh looked satisfied. That was a funny experience though; the way he looked at the Pizza was even funnier.

We decided to leave the Dhaba and head towards Havelis for getting hold of some paneer-tikkas. We headed for the parking & clicked some photographs. But that was a disappointment as well, for it was a closure at Havelis & nothing but dinner was being served. It was 03:45AM already, so we decided to roll back from there. We got hold of our bikes which were soaking the chill in the open parking area & flew back to our land.

The crew...

Machines feeling the chill...


You don't want him around...

While returning, it was almost snowing on us and seemed like the temperature dropped to minus scale. I couldn’t even feel if Chandan was still there behind me or not, for he wasn’t moving at all. The rush ended at the tea-shop in Dilshad Garden where we got hold of several turns of tea & a not-so-delicious omlette. We talked about varied stuff. Devesh was stalking about his unusual midnight experiences with chicks, while I blabbered all about biking & touring to ladakh. Chandan followed Devesh’s words & was in favor of dedicating his time to Devesh’s hypothetical book named “101 ways to get a girl” henceforth.


Somewhere amidst the chants & the joy, I realized that it’d be gone once I moved out of town for job. But the next moment I thought that these are the moments that’ll make me smile forever & ever, even when I’m away from home. Life’s unimaginable without an eagerness to live, a supportive friend, a stomach-aching laughter with buddies, a prosperous ride on your bike, a drop of tear rolling down the eye when you hear good news & loving your parents immensely.

Live in peace,

Rahul Arora (blogburner)

Engineers Night-Out (Sept'10)

“Enough is enough. I can’t go on without a ride now. It’s been some five freaking months that I rode.” That’s something that I told myself before I asked Karan, Chandan & Someshwar for the night-out ride last weekend. The agony of not being able to find a suitable job was already upon me. In such circumstances, what better than a weekend ride could be there to settle down the rush?

Visit to the Bangla Sahib Gurudwara at midnight, a quick & desperate meal at McDonalds at Manesar, some delicious omelettes with tea at Yusuf Sarai & finally at dawn, a perfect end to the night-out with a superb cappuccino at Comesum Restaurant at NZM Railway Station, it was all in store for us that night. And all this came up with a calm ride down the road on that dark night & some amazing photographs that we managed to click while onboard.

It was all planned & locked, only when Someshwar knocked off his presence due to some birthday ceremony at his relative’s. We were left three but still good to go. I called Chandan at 08:30PM in the evening and asked him to be ready & put on some tough shoes; he was to be my pillion for the ride. I picked him up at 10:30PM & we moved towards Krishna Nagar crossing where Karan was supposed to meet us. It was Chandan’s debut night-out with us; the regular wanderers, and undoubtedly, he looked excited about the whole experience. Karan came a few minutes later at the spot, while I & Chandan scheduled the ride. However, the plan had to be revised as Karan showed anxiety for the world famous Yusuf Sarai’s omelettes & wanted to hop on some delicacies at the end, I couldn’t resist them myself. And thus, we decided to head to Bangle Sahib first and then further continue to Manesar. All set, we rode towards CP ablaze through the Vikas Marg.


HH HUNK: Rahul with Chandan as Pillion

Pulsar200: Karan

That's me... The Wanderer...

Karan & Chandan

Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, CP

It was a warm night, though I was expecting downpour in the first place looking at the situation that prevailed a few days back. Karan had his fair share of rain protection, but I & the debut (k)night were flying with our smooth tees ON. The stretch from Laxmi Nagar to I.T.O. is one amazing tarmac to sweep, especially at night when creatures like us come out of the hound. In no time, blazing our machines on those metalled roads, we reached Bangla Sahib & parked our rides in the underground parking lot.

Flawless Beauty...

The aura of relief was already there while we made our way to the Gurudwara. And the very first thing you notice when you enter such premise, is the humongous amount of lighting. The positive lights themselves fill you with relief & contentment. The Gurudwara was built by Sardar Bhagel Singh in 1783. Originally this place was the Bungalow (Haveli) of Mirza Raja Jai Singh, hence the name Bangla Sahib. The main hall comprises of the shrines & museum artifacts of Sikh Gurus. Once we bowed heads before them, we headed towards the Holy Sarovar, whose waters are considered as “Amrit” by Sikhs. It is supposedly mandatory to walk around the Sarovar for once atleast to complete the worship. Some people opt to take the holy bath at the Sarovar while others settle with drinking the water & sprinkling it on their face. And also, one should worship the “Nishan Sahib”, a pole covered with orange cloth with a white light source at the top, used as an indicator for visitors to lead them there.

Chandan & Me...

A different view...

Karan, Me & Chandan... At Bangla Sahib

The Holy Sarovar

Once we were through one big round of the Sarovar, it was midnight already. We decided to hang around for a while & found ourselves some space in the corridors built right next to the Sarovar. These corridors are meant to be the resting place for worshippers who come from distant places to visit the Gurudwara. We sat & we chatted long hours there. I & Chandan, being the degree holders now, suggested Karan (currently in final year of the same relentless course ;) ) regarding future references & what one should opt to ensure smooth way ahead of their studies. Though, I needed the discussion the most. I was spell-bound by looking at the beautiful colors of the Sarovar, when the Gurudwara threw its shadow on the waters and couldn’t resist myself from clicking some astounding photographs. It was 01:30AM & we realized that our bikes had waited quite long to set themselves ablaze at the NH-8 to Manesar. With this thought, we got hold of our machines & rode towards Gurgaon via Dhaula Kuan. Again, some beautiful stretches with CWG Delhi-2010 patches on the blue lane, welcomed us. Although bikers make their own lane, we respect the integrity connected with CWG for all Indians. And here’s when I wished the best for the games.

Nice click!

Riding down the NH-8 has always been a treat for me as a biker. The best part is that I can be myself and ride without worrying about the traffic, for there isn’t any at that God forbidden time. In some odd 15 minutes after we crossed the Toll Plaza, we reached McDonald’s Restaurant on NH-8 at Manesar, our next stop for the night. Now that’s a place I’d love to visit everyday & night. While we parked our rides, a bunch of guys with some oooooomph-looking gals made their way out of the premises. “We are late. But the place looks good!!!” The first-timer said so. I & Karan, on the other hand were almost aware of the kind of crowd one can expect there. The moment we put our first step inside, we spotted what we were best at, three super-hot chicks sporting minis with flowery spaghetti tops sitting down the corner. I was stunned to look at them as they looked like they were at a party or something, but that’s just regular for the place. We East-Delhi guys are not used to such gestures u see. Neither we ever get lucky. But reflex couldn’t be constrained & our reactions were:

McDonald's (NH-8, Manesar)

Karan: “Awesome!! What else could we expect here?? These must be from some nearby college hostel. It’s gonna be fun…”

Me: “Holy sh.. Mann, that one in green spaghetti!!! Ohh God… she just looked at me!”

Chandan: (pressing my biceps) “Tum yeh galat jagah le aaye mujhe itni raat ko…” :D

That comment made us all laugh our hearts out. Somehow we settled tight near them, obviously coz in such a situation the most feasible place to seat yourself is the place near the hotties :P While Karan seemed less conscious about the company & more concerned about the order as he dealed with the menu, I was somehow managing to stare at the lustrous pink lips above green spaghetti, God she was a stunner to look at. And Chandan, forget it… He was barely comfortable in the chair. The excitement killed itself soon, as the girls left the place leaving every guy present there disappointed & feel like losers as if they just lost the IPL finals. Once they were out, life came back to normal. All of a sudden, McDonald’s was transformed to a dhaba. Chandan seemed relaxed, Karan was out to order some foodies & I chanted to Chandan, “She wasn’t that good, not my type though…” To which I received a scary & shut-the-fuck-up look. Ahead was my favorite part, McD’s burgers with French fries & some drinks, soft though. The food was delicious & so could be the pink lips (if I had my chances) 😉

“Yaar… When I’m gonna hang out with some chick like the one in green spaghetti??” I said with my head down on the table, remembering the vibe she left me in. Chandan said waking me up, “Wake up dumbass, we’ll have our chances”. That, apparently was shocking as it came from Chandan, who was once settling his pants the moment we entered the place. But that surely woke me up & I returned to my senses.

Chandan & Karan at the tea-shop

The clock hit 03:30AM and it was time to head for the next stop, which was the tea-shop near AIIMS at Yusuf Sarai. This time Chandan accompanied Karan on his P200 while I rode alone, just the way I’d always prefer. We followed the Vasant Vihar route via IIT Delhi and reached the tea-shop at 04:10AM. It didn’t seem that we were the only ones awake so early, a dozen people gathered there to enjoy the lovely omelettes & morning tea. While a few cars were there as well, must be the party animals returning to base. Karan ordered what we were there for, while Chandan settled for a prantha with some tea. The morning freshness was present & it almost seemed that the hot breakfast was served. It was a well spent time; especially coz I got a chance to get away from the usual weekdays. We finished our meals & thus our time at our 3rd stop for the ride. Next & the last was Comesum Restaurant on the list. Without wasting any more time watching the Chai-walas & sweepers who looked confused on seeing us with bikes at that hour, we rode towards Nizamuddin Railway Station via South Ex.

At Comesum, NZM Railway Station

At 05:20AM, we were there. Comesum is one of the renowned food junctions in Delhi and quite known among wanderers like us for 24 hours campaign of non-stop fooding. It ensures stylish interiors, soft music, and a variety of cuisines like Indian, Chinese, Mughal and Continental foods. And nevertheless, the crowd it gets is one good a reason to hop on sometime. The place usually comes alive between 1AM to 4AM, yea I’m not kidding..!! Call centre CABs, people returning from late night parties or even the travelers waiting for their trains at the NZM Railway Station are there to be seen. All in all, a perfect place to end our night-out ride. The crowd was fetish there as well, but this time we were more controlled & were tired enough to be excited. To keep it simple, we ordered coffee to couple it with the sandwiches. The night-out was flowing as we expected. While we sat in the outside lawn under the umbrellas, I managed to click some random pics.

Some random clicks!

Some random clicks!

Yea.. The frolick!!

Some random clicks!

It was fun, frolick, amazing (especially at McD’s) & full of energy. Some people are of the opinion now, that we should have coupled the night with some hard drinks to keep up with the spirits, to which I declare, “We are bikers! Our spirits don’t need fake spirits…” We are better & will continue this way. Nothing is more enjoyable than being with friends around. Till next time, when the riding bug bites me again, take care friends & stay safe.

Live in peace,

Rahul Arora (blogburner)

Murthal Calling (Chapter 4)

Yeah you got it! It is indeed the very next escapade; Murthal Calling (Chapter 4). But what you might not know is that this time the destination wasn’t the conventional Murthal spot. Instead, we jotted some more miles on the tripo & landed on a majestic planet. The name is Haveli.

Change is the Spice of Life. Indeed it is! Why not get away with a freezed plan & ride to somewhere new? That’s what we did folks…

The cumulative decision was to ride at 10:00PM. Karan had his bike in good shape and so did I. This was our first ride with pillion riders along, so the machines were bound to have a little tough time. Though, the pillions were nice to them!


Rahul – Hunk (With Vishank as pillion)

Karan – P200 (With Saurabh as pillion)

The Wanderer!

Karan & Saurabh

This was the moment when I realized tat I should put on my Castrol gear for the night ride. Where everyone else including Karan, the rider, was in tees, I had my fair share of gears on. Karan & Saurabh, neighbors & friends, shared a few talkied while I made my way to the meeting point, Welcome Metro Station. Giving minimal time to the intro session, we jump started the ride & headed towards Vishank’s plave who lived in boy’s hostel in USIT, GGSIPU at Kashmere Gate. Vishank had been my buddy for 5 years now. We had been to engineering coaching classes together at Narayana IIT Academy, Hauz Khas in 2005 & that’s how it started.

In short, the four of us, engineering students by virtue & bikers by choice, were on for the CHANGE this time. In no time, we crossed Delhi-Karnal Bypass & were on the NH1. That’s a second home now, if you know what I mean. Numerous rides & unlimited journeys through the same have been so deep dug in my mind. While we descended, I could feel my pillion rider moving & struggling to find a comfortable place to rest his ass on the seat. I asked him from the corner of my lid, “Are you okay dude?” in reply to which he screamed “My ass is aching like hell, better take a halt before it gets any worse!!” Whoa, I realized that a stop was much needed.

I spotted a decent clean place by the road & signaled Karan who was behind me, to stop. Vishank got down and it’s not required to say what he acted like when he found himself free from the leather. He said in a painful voice “How did you manage to ride to Lucknow all alone brother?” I could only smile to his query. Vishank hasn’t been a rider for long now. The last time he rode on his P150 was when he went to his place in Muzaffarnagar, UP. No wonder, he had a sore for sure. On the other hand, Saurabh seemed to be enjoying the ride without the sore. While others eased themselves up, I managed to click some pictures of the surroundings. With the nods of my companion’s heads, we rode again.

This time I found Vishank more stable sitting behind me & not juggling on the seat. That’s was funny though. We topped Murthal in no time after that, for it was a smooth ride & the pillion riders were relaxed after all. Now the search for our CHANGE was on. Sukhdev Dhaba, our conventional destination in Murthal passed, for this time; we were on an escapade to something big. Just a few kms from there, I spotted the red colored “H” sign of the Haveli Restaurant fitted some meters above the road. We were delighted & good to go.

Haveli @ Murthal

Haveli is a traditional Vegetarian Restaurant and a reflection of Punjabi culture & traditions with authentic Punjabi ambiance. It resides on the NH1 near Murthal & is a branch of “Haveli Restaurants & Resorts Ltd., Jalandhar”. Haveli is a term used for private mansions in India and Pakistan. Haveli is derived from Persian meaning “an enclosed place”. This was older times. Times have changed and we all know. With ample parking space, mostly cages lied in front of the gate & bikes were nowhere to be seen. Ohh, did I forgot to tell you that I spell CARS as CAGES. That’s for obvious reasons. Anyways, we managed to rest our rides in a clean organized place by the main building.

Since, Punjabi food and music is quite popular throughout India, the word dhaba has come to represent any restaurant that serves Punjabi food, especially the heavily-spiced and fried Punjabi fare and has “Homemade” feel to it. Though, it’s not a dhaba, but at Haveli, you can experience the same homemade feel of authentic Punjabi food and not to miss – the traditional presence of cots!!!

Along with the zeal for National Integeration for Indian food, Haveli offers some International Cuisines as well. And what’s best is that it’s open 24X7. The personnel at Haveli welcome their esteemed customers with impeccable service by demonstrating warmth, graciousness, efficiency, knowledge, professionalism and integrity in their work.

Indeed a beautiful place...

After getting our hands at the lovely food at the place, we went outwards from the main door & found a Vintage Cage (Goshh that rhymes…) standing wide by the wall side. Our gang looked perfect in the picture with the Teal beauty itself. Apart from this, there has been a perfect arrangement to take a break & find a cozy place outside the premises of the Majestic Haveli, where sofas & comfortable chairs have been laid. We were tired already after the ride, so what better place to stretch ourselves up, we laid for a few hours there & chatted about stuff, you don’t wanna know 😉


It was 04:00AM on 26th morning & it was time to get off our lazy asses and ride to our own city. We had something else in store too so as to end the perfect night out. It was our next destination for the escapade; Bangla Sahib Gurudwara in Connaught Place, New Delhi. We reached there at 05:15AM and parked our machines outside on the temporary stand they had for the bikes. It was an optimum relief to rest in the hands of God at such a holy place after a long tiring night on the road. All in all, a well executed move to end the ride.

Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, Connaught Place, New Delhi

The view at 05:20AM

The guiding light...

The clock hit 06:30AM. Me & Vishank went out to head back home while the other two stayed there for a longer while, for they were at their college’s fest the whole night, only according to their parents. This was all from a yet another night ride I had with such positive people. “I’m a biker; Life rocks”, that’s what I whispered within me once I got back on the road after dropping Vishank at his place.

I'm a biker; Life rocks...

More than the Murthal enchant, this was a Haveli Invasion of our kind. The rides had been our best companions for yet another time! I hope my experiences are bringing the smallest part of cheer, as they can, to your lives. Live in peace people. Some new words coming soon…

Rahul Arora (blogburner)

Delhi-Shimla Roadtrip 2010

Yet another day, yet another ride. We bikers think this way. The much awaited Delhi-Shimla Roadtrip has been accomplished at last, the machines have rolled at last, the riders have pushed the throttles at last & I have had my best experience of motorcycling at last. It was not spontaneous that we sailed our rides to Himalayas, but Delhi-Shimla ride was planned long back for July ’09 which obviously couldn’t be executed.

Now this was the time that my hunger & stride for a roadtrip compelled me to ask Karan (my cousin) & Priyansh for the same. Karan had plans for heading to Chandigarh in Jan’10 already. I & Priyansh were looking for way to capture the heights, on the other hand. So the plan for traversing to Shimla via Chandigarh came up.


Rahul – HUNK, Karan – P200, Priyansh – P220

(Hunk & Honda Shine from Chandigarh to Shimla)

That's me!

Fellow Riders: Karan & Priyansh

The day was 28th Jan’10. It was a not-so-cold morning & the fog was less as compared to what it was a few days before. We decided to start off as early as possible, so that we could reach Chandigarh by noon. Karan stayed at my place. Bags were packed, bikes were all-set & the minds were blank, for we didn’t know what’s in store for the high ride. I got my ride washed & oiled a day before, for I couldn’t let friction take away the joy.

The time struck! It was 04:30AM. I got up & kicked my fellow rider hard enough to wake him up as well, though I couldn’t sleep the whole night coz of the excitement. The clock struck 06:30AM, when we went down to uncover our rides & get a glimpse of the dew that lay down on our machines. With the “0” by the trippos, we started off our journey at 06:45AM. Priyansh was to meet us at Jhilmil Metro Station and so did he. We caught up, talked about the ride, shared individual feelings & that’s all, we rode. The first stoppage was decided & it was my favorite highway destination, Murthal (Haryana).

All set for the ride!

We rode down from the usual route to NH-1 & reached Sukhdev Dhaba in Murthal at 08:10AM, trip meters read 62. The joy of ride enhances with good food on the way, that’s what I feel. The lovely paranthas were quite enough while the soothing ginger-tea added to the flavor of the time. The fresh wind blowing down the fields that morning seemed to be favoring us in the deepest sense & adding to the zeal that we had for the journey. We ate, we chatted, we eased up & at 08:50AM, we went on. While we head for the parking of the dhaba, Priyansh managed to be there at the earliest & clicked some outstanding pics of the bikes! Some of them are attached here.

At the dhaba...

Them again...

Sukhdev Dhaba, Murthal

The morning favored us as the sunlight welcomed us with its warmth as soon as we hit the road after the halt. We stopped for a halt after riding some 11 odd kms after Murthal near the Toll Plaza on NH-1, where some of us attended the nature’s call while some couldn’t resist clicking the bright morning in shade of the bikes. We decided to ride along for a long stretch of around 100 kms after that for it was comfortable enough for us to ride in the warm sun & the roads were inviting already. That’s what happened next. We crossed Panipat in no time, for the newly formed flyover lets you traverse above the city easily. I was able to push my ride to a new speed record of 128kmph on the same highway.

Capturing the capturer!

The mighty machines!

My bike’s trip meter read 174. We were at a dhaba near Kurukshetra (Haryana). It was 11:15AM by the clock already. We took a 15mins halt, had tea with some snacks. It was relaxing enough that after a ride of some 175 odd kms, you get to breathe in warm air in those cold January days. Chandigarh was still 88kms away, so we got on our bikes, followed the road again. At 01:40PM, we reached Chandigarh, the city beautiful, having jotted down 262kms on our machines.

The route followed:


(Distances as per my bike’s odometer)

The pic says it all...

The pleasant aura of freshness was present & was welcoming us for the sneak peak into the beautiful city. We headed straight to Sector -17 market of Chandigarh, one of the most lively & renowned places in the city. Karan informed his friend, Mohit Gandhi who’s living in Chandigarh, pursuing his engineering studies from Panjab University. While Mohit was on the move to meet us, we hanged around & discovered the lovely crowd. The Sector-17 market has it all, be it the most popular brands showrooms or the most delicious eatables & resto bars. The parking was quite spacious, so there’s been minimal effort required for searching a good place for the bikes to rest.

Colors of life!

Mohit was there in no time, while we were serving ourselves some cool drinks. The energy of the crowd was tremendous; it almost felt like I was in Greater Kailash or Connaught Place in Delhi. After an hour of roaming around in the market, we rode with Mohit to his hostel in Panjab University. And let me tell something, Panjab University Campus is no less than IIT Delhi Campus that I’ve personally seen. The buildings, the greenery, cafeterias, parking & hostel facilities are up to the mark. It was an amazing experience visiting the campus. Somewhere in my mind, I was regretting why I didn’t opt for engineering studies from Punjab & chose to stay in NCR. Well, that’s just gone by, so no more thoughts for the same! We carried on, rested in Mohit’s room in the hostel for about half-n-hour and then went for lunch in the campus’s cafeteria where there was a wide variety of cuisines available, from South Indian to Dal-roti & from Pizzas to Kababs.

Our plan was to visit Rock Garden, Pinjore Garden & Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh. But as suggested by Mohit, we kept it to Rock Garden & Sukhna Lake only, for he felt that Pinjore Garden was not much our interest. We had to agree & started riding on those lovely roads of Chandigarh & reached Rock Garden in about 15mins. Mohit wasn’t with us, for he had some football match to play with his colleagues. I, Karan & Priyansh were on our first tourist expedition in Chandigarh. Tickets for the Rock Garden are easily available from the ticket window for Rs.10 for adults & Rs.5 for children.

Rock Garden is a sculpture garden in Chandigarh, also known as Nek Chand’s Rock Garden, after its founder, Nek Chand, a government official who started the garden secretly in his spare time in 1957. Today it is spread over an area of forty-acre (160,000 m²); it is completely built of industrial & home waste and thrown-away items. The garden is a complex of interlinked courtyards, each filled with hundreds of pottery-covered concrete sculptures of dancers, musicians, and animals alongwith man-made interlinked waterfalls. The beauty of such extravagant place can’t be wrapped only in words, for which some photographs of Rock Garden are attached below.

At the entrance...




Man-made Waterfalls at Rock Garden


Sculptures made out of diyas...


The falls!


More falls...



The Rider!

The next stop was Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh. It was 05:30PM in the evening & a perfect time to visit the lake. Sukhna Lake is a beautiful lake that lies in the foothills of Shivalik range. The unique thing about Sukhna is that it is a manmade lake. It is a 3 km long lake that was created in the year 1958. People visit this place in the morning to enjoy the cool breeze and the beauty of nature. Chandigarh Sukhna Lake serves as a great picnic spot and an apt place for pursuing water sport activities like boating, yachting and water skiing etc. The atmosphere here is very serene, so if you need to rejuvenate yourself, then Sukhna Lake is the perfect destination for you.

Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh

Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh

Mohit called up & asked us to meet him outside the Sukhna Lake parking. The time was around 07:00PM and it was getting dark. We took a half-n-hour walk on the pavement built just next to the lake in order to refresh ourselves with the soothing wind blowing over the lake towards us. After this, we headed towards the Sector-8 market where we had the vegetable soup from a famous shop & shared some talkies for another half-n-hour. Then was the time that we decided to head for Shimla in the night only. I wasn’t actually convinced for the plan at first, looking at the safety issues of riding in the hills at night, however my co-riders seemed to be pretty excited about the ride, so I had to get along & be in for the night ride. Mohit called up some more of his friends to join us for the ride to Shimla. And by the time it was 10:30PM at night, we were 7 people with 5 bikes on the way to Shimla.

We rolled from the hostel in Chandigarh at 10:45PM, it was chilling already & I discovered that I had lost my pair of gloves at the parking outside the Rock Garden. But never too late, Mohit came in as the savior with a pair of leather gloves from one of his juniors in the hostel. We were all set to go. The bikes included 2 Hunks, a P200, a P220 & a Splendor+. Riding through the outskirts of Chandigarh, we reached the Pinjore Garden that lies 20kms outside the city of Chandigarh at 11:10PM. The ride ahead was long & scary enough to rest at the spot, so we continued riding. Soon we crossed the Himachal Pradesh & Haryana border. And before we knew the road, the slope began to rise & we entered the Lower Himalayan range through the Shivalik ranges. It was dark & one couldn’t see what’s next. With the time passing, the heat was dropping drastically & the road was steeper than before.

Midnight struck! It was a dark night; one could barely see what lied next to the ridges, the rocks or the deep valleys. Only the white clouds with unending depth were there to be seen. The only light that struggled to pave way for us was from the headlamps of the bikes. The aura was filled with thrill of riding on those heights at night & excitement of reaching Shimla before the sun was in our eye. Shimla lies some 100 odd kms away from Chandigarh but on hills, this distance seems much more than on linear scale. At some point of times, I discovered that I was in the middle of my co-riders who were no where to be seen. Karan & Priyansh were speeding safely upwards with their 200cc machines, while the Splendor+ & Hunk were easing their way up the hill. And I was left alone to decide whether to get slow & wait for Mohit & his friends to come or to catch up with the big machines forward. I felt scared but coz of the joy of riding & the zeal that existed in me, for it was my first ever hill ride, I pushed myself through. In no time, I could see Karan & Priyansh riding in front of my bike. It was a sigh of relief, for I was riding alone on that dark road for a long time, at that God forbidden time.

The three of us were quite ahead of our fellow riders, so we decided to take a halt & wait for others. We stopped at a hill side near the cliff wall. The time was 02:45AM & we were at a height of about 5000ft. As soon as we got to know this, we were amazed. For the first time, I rode that high. I was proud of myself & my fellow riders. There’s a photo of Priyansh put below sitting next to the cliff wall, with woolen muffler wound around his neck & he seemed all packed up. This was clicked in the headlamps light, for it was the only source of light at that time!

Priyansh at 02:46AM at an altitude of 5000ft.

The sky was blue-black & we were looking to reach Shimla, that was still 28kms away, in an hour from then. Thw others were no where to be seen. Karan called up some of the guys, but at those heights our prepaid networks died. So, with a cumulative decision, we rolled down the heights by ourselves & reached Shimla riding with an average speed of 40kmph at 03:50AM in the morning. My bike rolled down 368kms.

The route followed:


(Distances as per my bike’s odometer)


The Queen of Hills...

Shimla is located in the north-western ranges of the Himalayas. Draped in forests of pine, rhododendron, and oak, Shimla experiences pleasant summers and cold, snowy winters. In 1864, Shimla was declared the summer capital of the British Raj in India. Shimla is often referred to as the “Queen of Hills“. The city is famous for its buildings styled in tudorbethan and neo-gothic architecture dating from the colonial era. The city is named after the goddess Shyamala Devi, an incarnation of the Hindu Goddess Kali. Shimla is approximately 115kms from Chandigarh and 365kms from New Delhi. At an average altitude of 2397.59 meters (7866.10 ft) above mean sea level, the city is spread on a ridge and its seven spurs. The city stretches nearly 9.2 km from east to west. The highest point in Shimla, at 2454 meters (8051 ft), is the Jakhoo Hill. The climate in Shimla is predominantly cold during winters and moderately warm during summers. The temperatures range from 3.95 °C to 32.95 °C over the year.

The Shimla Township

We waited for others to arrive at the Shimla Bus Stand. While we were capturing the beauty of the “Queen of Hills” itself, Mohit arrived with the other riders. Clock hit 04:20AM. We were tired of riding, for it’s tougher to ride in hills at breath-taking altitudes than riding on straight roads. Taking up a room to rest was the common decision, as all of us were yelling for hitting the bed as soon as possible. The place we went for was “Hotel MID TOWN” at Ganj Road, Shimla, Ph No. 0177-6535704, 2657962. The rooms were available at Rs.100 per person. The time was 05:30AM; we went to sleep & committed to get our lazy arses up at 08:30AM. But that never happened, as we managed to get up by 09:30AM. Though it was not in our best interests to sleep that long while we were on a tour, taking rest was much needed for a fresh ride back home.

Where we stayed...

While the three of us were willing to walk up to the famous Mall Road from the hotel, Mohit & his university friends were more interested in continuing their journey till Kufri. We were short of time, as we had head back to our own city the day itself. Thus, we kept our selves to the ground & walked towards the Mall bidding goodbyes to others. Mall Road in Shimla, is a place which cannot be left untouched by any visitor. The lifeline of Shimla, Mall road, is the main tourist attraction in the town. Mall is the centre of Shimla’s bustling social life. It is a fairly level meandering esplanade that runs along the ridge.

Note: Entry of vehicles is banned on the Mall road.

Mall Road has numerous showrooms, stores, departmental stores, shops, restaurants and cafes, stuck closely to each together. The main attraction on the Mall road is the Christ Church. The Christ Church is the second oldest church in North India. The Church’s exquisite beauty comes alive with the stained glasses that are fitted on its windows. It was already 11:10AM & I was willing to head back, for we had a long ride of 370 odd kms back home. We clicked a few photos of the scene, got ourselves clicked by others & captured the pines in our 2MP lenses. Then after, having a cup coffee with sandwiches in the nearby café, we headed back to the hotel to get our bikes. The ride was long, the weather was chilling but the spirits to get back home safely were high.

Way to Mall Road, Shimla

Mall Road, Shimla

We started off at 11:40AM from Shimla. Riding through the shades of the pines & dry oak, we descended down the slope with our engines off for most of the times. At a roadside dhaba near Dharampur, we took a halt to rest for a while & for the machines to breathe in. Clocks said 01:20PM and the trip meters showed 530kms. The slope was again downward steep while we were riding after the halt. On the hills, vehicles move in their respective lanes strictly to avoid any mishap. But things go out of the way sometimes. Priyansh & Karan were ahead of me and I was about to take a right turn in my lane. The moment I leaned to execute the turn, I saw a Indica V2 car coming right towards me out of its own lane. The speed of the car was high enough to let me go off the road in the sand & gravel path just next to the road along the ridge boundary. This didn’t allow me enough time to execute the turn properly & I went straight in order to avoid collision. I could fall off the ridge into the valley if I didn’t apply the brakes, lean my bike away from the cliff & make it fall on the sand. As I stopped, lying in front of the bike, I saw that the bike’s front wheel just touched the ridge boundary. And that’s how I avoided a major accident. Karan saw me in his rear view mirror & managed to get back to me in no time. I was safe apart from some minor bruces on my knees & the bike got a few more stains I did. The leg guard got tilted in an awkward direction, the rear view mirror on the right hand side teared apart, the key hole at the seat cowl got damaged (may be something hit it straight) & the front visor of the bike got damaged. By God’s grace, I & the bike were good to continue the journey.


It was 02:30PM in the afternoon & the sun was on the high. The wounds didn’t counter my spirit for completing the ride. I stood up, dusted myself up, checked the bike for any leakage & major damage and went on. After this, as a matter of fact, our average speed on the hills came down for obvious reasons. We reached Chandigarh at 03:45PM. Karan took his bag & some belongings that he had left at Mohit’s room. After resting for half-n-hour there, we pushed the throttles again at 04:30PM & this time we were boosted up & were looking for a smooth & safe ride home.

Our first stop after we rode from Chandigarh was near Kurukshetra (Haryana) at 06:30PM. Delhi was still 160kms away & we were dead tired already. We had our meal, some delicious veggies with Tandoori rotis. I was gulping down my 5th or 6th roll, when Priyansh confessed that he was so tired that he couldn’t imagine riding forward. On an honest note, all of us felt the same. I had pain in my shoulders & Karan’s head was aching like hell. However, what we had to do, we had to do. The time was 07:30PM. We decided to reach Murthal in another hour & a half. Those 90+ kms seemed achievable in those 90 mins on that speeding highway. The roads were indeed good. We were maintaining 80+ easily & riding through the chilling night, with me having no gloves on, we reached Murthal at 09:30PM with our bikes rolled moved 820kms. Time was running & we wanted to reach home safely. That’s why; we just took a short while to have a tea & continued with the ride. Roads that followed were more than familiar, for I had done Delhi-Murthal a several times. In an hour time from then, we entered our very own city. By the time it was 11:10PM, we were at Welcome Metro Station, Delhi. Karan took his way back home leaving me & Priyansh, for we had to head another way. As soon as we reached Delhi-UP border near Dilshad Garden Metro Station, we couldn’t think of stopping & having a chat. Having bid goodbyes to my co-riders, I reached home safely at 11:30PM.


My parents were delighted that I was back home& I was more than happy to see them as well. But my whole body was aching & I couldn’t wait to hit the bed. I would want to share tales of the ride with them, but had to ease myself up first. That’s how the wonder ride ended.

Places to visit in & around Chandigarh:

  • Rock Garden
  • Sukhna Lake
  • Leisure valley
  • Open Hand Monument
  • Rose Garden
  • Pinjore Garden

Places to visit in & around Shimla:

  • Chail
  • Kasauli
  • Kufri
  • Naldehra
  • Narkanda
  • Renuka Lake
  • Jhakoo Hill

An end to the wonder ride...

The memories of this ride can’t be washed away. My first ever hill-ride, Delhi-Shimla Roadtrip 2010 was fun, thrilling, exciting, extravagant, tiring, hurting (in my case), memorable & above all, an experience of a lifetime. We managed to get a glimpse of the Sculptures of the Rock Garden, got to feel the strides & the pleasant aura of Sukhna Lake, rode on bikes on scary dark roads at height of 6000ft., fell off on the mountains avoiding further falls & experienced the beauty of Himalayas in the beautiful Shimla in a single journey. Despite of the fall that I had & all the hurdles that we managed to cross, I can proudly say that it was my best motorcycle ride so far, for it gave me an edge of a completely different forte of motorcycling. My bike has been a supportive companion all through the ride & I’m glad that it still looks good.

I’ll visit Shimla again for sure, with much higher spirits & safer riding skills.

Live in peace,

Rahul Arora (blogburner)

180kms round the city…

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1 Chilling night, 2 cities, 3 riders with DLs, 4 Fearless Bikers, 5 stops…

The ride started when we all met at Jhilmil Metro Station at 10:30PM. All well-equipped & good to go! It felt like we had something big & tremendous for the night. With the last puff of Devesh’s Goldflake, we started off…





Devesh aka Ballu

The plan was to start off with a good coffee at Connaught Place first. So we all headed to CP (our 1st stop). It took us about 45mins to reach Hanuman Mandir, CP. Don’t know about others, but I was hungry, so we thought of having a quick dinner at a nearby food point. It was awesome North-Indian Cuisine, perfect for the night! We sat there, had some chit-chats & shared talkies for about 20-25mins after the food!

At food point, CP

Midnight struck! We continued from there for the real adventure. Our next stop being Café Coffee Day, Adchini (out 2nd stop). Ride from CP to Adchini took us around 20mins. It was almost closed, and we thought we wouldn’t be able to grab our share of the coffee for the night. Devesh saw some guys sitting at the Café & informed us that we could still get in. On humble requests, the people there allowed us the Cappuccinos 😀

At CCD, Adchini

Parked machines!

It was 12:50AM, when we started to roll towards McD, Manesar on NH-8. It was a long drive, & I must tell ya that the entire ride, the feeling on loneliness & amazement on those buttery roads of Gurgaon was irresistible. Karan & Priyansh even dragged their rides on a clean stretch, while I & Devesh rode calmly, for this wasn’t our cup of tea with our humble 150cc machines. Finally we reached McD, Manesar at 02:10AM (our 3rd stop).

At McD, Manesar

The place is amazing, best for riders like us, who fearlessly ride at that God-forbidden time! It’s 24×7 open, warm at those hours, serve good food & perfect for a Get-to-gather. Having ordered our meals, we hopped in to a corner table. Some college guys with some hawt chicks were there, the place was almost desserted. It went 2 hours while we sat there & talked, we never realized it.

The Lid!


Some more coffee!

Nice couch...

Time to go! We packed ourselves up again & got ready to ride towards our very own city.  Started off at 04:05AM from McD & reached a local 24×7 dhaba in Yusuf Sarai, near AIIMS at 04:30AM (our 4th stop). Devesh was dealing with constipation while the rest of us enjoyed the lovely omlettes with nice tea. Clicked some good pics there, one can always guess from Devesh’s face of what he was going through 😉

The busy me!

Gulping continues...

We rode from there at 05:10AM through the Ashram Road & reached Dilshad Garden at 05:45AM (out 5th & last stop). Devesh knew a good place to enjoy early morning tea near his place in Dilshad Garden, so he led us there. Had the final tea for the ride, enjoyed some moments with friends, shared our experiences of the night-out & talked about stuff.

The mighty P220!

My humble ride...

By the road to home, we saw an open clean road. What then, something got into the Pulsar riders. Priyansh jotted down a superb 360 burnout, that too when he did it for the first time & Karan got busy with stoppies n the wheelies. I stood back at the side & clicked them while they presented a great show.

That's Karan stoppying!!

The Debut 360!

It was 07:00AM. We all bid goodbyes to each other & flew to our places. It was much of a dream ride. I felt exhausted when I got home. So without hooking up with mum n dad much, I went off to sleep. On an ending note, I must say, it went well, safe, adventurous & fun!! Looking for more…

Live in peace,

Rahul Arora (blogburner)

Murthal Calling (Chapter 3)

Yeah again! Just a nominal decision to ride to Murthal strikes me and my buddies on Saturday night… This is eventually our attempt to break free from the hectic schedule we have on weekdays! This time it was a cold breezy night where three bikers felt the nerve of streaming wide on the NH1.


Rahul – Hunk (With Someshwar as pillion)

Devesh aka Ballu – P150

That's me, the Wanderer

Someshwar; No he's not sneezy, that's just him!

Devesh aka Ballu; The Last Puff...

Devesh was first undecided & dicey regarding heading to Murthal, for he thought we should have tried a better spot this time. But what I & my pillion felt was that Murthal was a vulnerable head-stop for a perfect nightout accompanying a smooth ride on our machines.

The ride went as it does everytime we traverse to Murthal. The road was same, the destination was similar (Sukhdev Dhaba, Murthal, NH1), and just the wanderers differed, apart from me though. Cold breeze made it tough for us to get away with the heavy liners we had stuffed on us. Although, it was a decent way to chill out with the everlasting Dilli ki sardi… We had our woolens ON, riders had their gloves snapped & the pillion was quilt packed, if you know what I mean. Fog wasn’t enough disturbing, except for the fact that we had to shift our lids up & down at times to get a clear view of what was ahead.

Yea it was foggy!

A beverage store owner had lit fire for getting rid of the chill on the highway near Sonepat, NH1. That was perfect for our very own Ballu to take a halt, get along with the warmth & take his share of the puff he needed every 20kms. While he blew smoke, me & Someshwar found out our own ways of shooing away the breeze that got in our pants, though I’m not gonna discuss that here. And in no time after we left the light, Murthal was there. The paranhas were soothing enough to forget the chill & get lost in a new world away from home on that foggy night.

What follows are some clicks from my N70, just clicks..

Watch the light friend..

Helping himself!

Me with a guy who wanted to get clicked! No, I'm the fairer one...


Life Rocks!!

That was much of the delight we shared to get away from the sarcasm we engineering students bear at times. No, I’m not cursing it at all, I love studying, mummy will be so happy when she gets an eye on it! Goshh.. Enough said, chill people, I’ll be back with more adventure & sarcastic PJs soon, cheers!

Live in Peace,

Rahul Arora (blogburner)

Manesar Ride

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Manesar Ride

“Smooth Roads ensure Smooth Rides”. I believe in this context & look out for instances that may prove this apt while I ride down the line with my able companion, my bike. Better the condition of the road better is the relief that the rider gets out of it.

Having done numerous rides and having ridden down the best of the highways this country has produced, doesn’t really let you take a sigh of relief & contentment and definitely doesn’t allow you to sit back at home, watch football game on Sunday & enjoy cinnamon with lemon tea. Instead, it generates an anxiety & greed for the exploration of the unknown offbeat tracks; those are never travelled or at least seldom talked about. You see a wide smooth stretch ahead of you leading you to the horizon, as a dedicated biking enthusiast, you don’t for a moment think of turning your back on this one and are fearless enough to push the throttle right away & burn some rubber.

Something of the similar forte happened to me & my friends on that hot & humid day of June. It’s usual to be engaged in your regular stuff on a normal Sunday morning, though there’s always more to it if you are willing for some adventure down the road. I and some of my biker buddies were looking for a ride cum hangout that morning. So we pumped our bikes & packed ourselves up for an awfully torturing ride only to end up stranded in sun, for it usually reached 42oC those days when the sun held our heads. However, this was a faint enough reason to hold us back & give up from the ride.

Wanderer... (Did u notice the road?)


Rahul Arora – Hero Honda HUNK

Karan Bajaj – Bajaj Pulsar200

Priyansh Dwivedi – Bajaj Pulsar220

Sarabhjot Singh – Kawasaki Bajaj Caliber115

Abhishek – Bajaj Pulsar200

All of them..

Goshh, I was the only one with a bike other than Bajaj machines. No, Bajaj didn’t sponsor the ride at all… Manesar, our destination for the day, is situated in the out-skirts of Gurgaon(NCR), roughly 40 kms from Delhi. That turns out to me approx. 60 kms from my place, for I reside in a completely opposite side of the city in East Delhi.

It was 4 in the morning when I woke up. Karan, my cousin & one of the fellow riders, stayed at my place for the night. I freshened myself up & was getting ready when I kicked Karan’s lazy butt alarming him to wake up as well. By the way, I’ve realized that being up so early has never been possible when the purpose of doing so has been studying & preparing for examinations. Apart from studies, everything else can keep creatures like me awake for days. And if it is for Biking, I’m game for tireless adventure! That’s something I pull out of my experience bag held somewhere in my head everytime something like this happens. My Mother usually complaints that I’d not be able to attend school for a single day, if she wouldn’t wake me up in time. I’m in final year of my college now, however the scenario is still the same.

Anyways, chuck it! Priyansh was told to meet me & Karan at 05:30AM at the Dilshad Garden Metro Station which is hardly a 5 minute drive from my place. May be he took the unfair advantage of the vacant roads because he was there before time. We managed to catch up shortly. He was Karan’s college mate and this was the first time that I met him. But no, don’t you wonder that we sat and went through an intro round on that God forbidden dark road at that time. We had to roll from there towards our next meeting point at Regal Cinema in Connaught Place, where our next rider Sarabhjot was waiting with his modified HID fitted Caliber. Yes, you heard it right! It was a Diamond white 4300K HID. The four of us then took the road to Shiv Murti in Mahipalpur from where another friend of mine joined us at 07:00AM Alright, we were five & good to go.


Abhishek has some of his relatives living there in Manesar & he was much aware of the route better than anyone else in the group, so we followed him on the wide & heavenly smooth NH-8. Although the Caliber guy was willing at times to pull away from the group, but we managed to ride together with discipline and safety. It was 07:45AM and 62 kms on my trip-meter that we reached there. Now it was an offroad leading to some rocky terrain near the highway & the NH8 soothing track. We decided to go offroad this time. It lead us to a scenic place where there were rocky hills having remains of bushes & some steep slopes down the road alongwith a Hanuman Temple on a hill top.

Our cameras were clicking hard! I couldn’t wait to click traces of my first Manesar Roadtrip photographs. Done with the photography part, we looked out for some vulnerable resting place nearby. As it was getting hot enough for us to dig in some shelter quickly, we rode down to a dhaba on the highway side. Delicious paranthas & North Indian recipes were on the go. Casual talkies filled the place & chats wouldn’t end. We were chilling discussing stuff when I heard some engines roaring & coming right towards us on the highway. We ran out of the dhaba out of excitement & guess what it was what I thought in the first place. The G.O.D.S.(Group Of Delhi Superbikers). They rolled on their fierce superbikes & wooing cruisers down the road. The group had it all from Harleys to Suzuki Intruders, from Yamaha YZF R1s to Suzuki Hayabusa & many more. It was a treat to watch them ride together for the first time. The site was so enchanting & exciting that the paranthas literally settled down. Well, what could be a better end to the roadtrip than witnessing such roaring marvels on the go, ain’t it?

Take a look at some of the clicks with our not-so-sophisticated lenses!

(from left) Karan, Sarabhjot & Priyansh

Some off-roading...

The vision...

The Black Beast...


Yea, that's the look...

That was much of it folks. Now we descended towards our very own city, Saddi Dilli and were tired to the extent that one could fall right down on his face if shown a bed. Humour apart! Manesar roadtrip was undoubtedly a successful ride with friends. Hoping for more of such experiences in the near future. Signing out…

Live in Peace,

Rahul Arora (blogburner)


Murthal Calling (Chapter 2)

It hasn’t been a longer while that I traversed to the yummy-licious mouth-watering recipes of Murthal dhabas. It’s like a magician’s stroke. Everytime I need a break from my routine life; that already sucks, I feel like charging my metal horse & heading to Murthal. There’s indeed something about the place. Be it the delicious food, the buttery stretches of NH1 which is one of my favorite highways in India or even the smell of cow dung :P , it attracts me towards its very aroma.

For no reasons, Murthal comes to my mind when pals talk of outing with the chrome machines. And it was a yet another scene that day as well. It was a bright evening of 22nd Aug’09, Saturday when Karan (my cousin) called me up & said, “Brother! How about a weekend ride?” To which I humbly replied, “No rides for me brother, I’m gonna sleep dead in my bed for long hours.. Go ahead, blow your engines off!”, for I was tired of regular seminar schedules in college already & Sunday was the only day when I could carelessly lie in bed for hours. However, this relief of mine couldn’t me tolerated by my sweet riding companion & he kept on consoling me for the outing. He told me that another friends of mine named Tony also confronted for the ride & was willing to ride to Murthal early morning on Sunday, 23rd Aug.


Mighty machines!

I, on the other hand, was not in much of a mood to hamper my Baywatch-dreams-sleep, but as it was for Biking, I asked Karan to meet me at Welcome Metro Station at 05:30AM in the morning & also asked him too text Tony regarding the plan. So the ride was set for Murthal at 05:30AM on Sunday, 23rd Aug’09.


Rahul Arora: HH Hunk

Karan Bajaj: Pulsar200

Tony Grewal: Yamaha FZ16

It was a warm Sunday morning. I woke up at 05:00AM with the honest alarm stroke. After freshening up, I sent a text to Karan saying, “I’m up, get your ass off your bed & meet me at sharp 05:30AM at the spot” No reply for next 10 minutes made me think that that lazy dog was still not out of bed. But before I could get mad at my cellphone’s keypad, I got Karan’s message, “I’m there, waiting for you!” It was 05:25AM already and this made me look lame. Goshh, I rushed to my parent’s room & informed them that I was leaving.


Two of our rides...

Welcome Metro Station is about a 15 minutes ride from my place, during day time. However, for 05:30AM on a Sunday morning, it was a piece of cake gulping around 5-7 minutes with open roads in the out-skirts of Dilshad Garden, where I put up. But you never know, what’s gonna happen the next minute. I rode to Apsara border from where it was a straight stretch of 3-5 kms to Welcome Metro Station. And when I arrived at the Border’s traffic light, it was a herd of high-capacity trucks loading some whale of goods with them. I was stunned to see so much of traffic at that God-forbidden time, for I thought I was the only wanderer at that hour. Guess I was wrong!

I was at the spot at 05:45AM, late as always! Karan gave me a weird look which I ignored for I already had a lot from the freaking truckwalas. Perhaps, it wasn’t a good time to ask him if he had his bike’s documents in place. He told me that Tony would reach the Delhi-Karnal Bypass by 06:00AM, so w knew that we had to hurry up! Though, I was pretty sure that even Tony wouldn’t make it to bypass that early as he had to tread from Gurgaon, I agreed to Karan & we descended our ride.  Tony was there at the crossing next to the bypass when we reached there at 06:15AM. It was the first time that me n Karan met him, as earlier we just talked through posts on a biking community website. Tony had a Lava Red Yamaha FZ16 which I really liked. We shared a few talkies there at the bypass & then descened towards our homely destination, Murthal. I asked Tony if he had rode to Murthal or anywhere else on NH1, to which he replied, “Nope brother! It’s my first time & I’m loving it already!” That made us smile a little for sure.


Karan & Tony

And before we knew, we reached Singhu Border (between Delhi & Haryana) on NH1. Crossing it is always a nice feeling, for I love the beauty of highways that they attract you to what you’d never encounter in the city. I was carrying my as usual N70 with a mighty 2MP lens. I asked if Tony has a better quality cam, but he didn’t. So the photographs posted here are as per the capacity of my cam. And they are limited in number as well, because of non-cooperation of my companions, if you know what I’m talking about. Alright, it was 07:00AM when we stopped for a break near Sonepat crossing on NH1. There I managed to click some photos with the bikes & the riders! It’s so boring when your companions act as all that matters is the ride & nothing else. I believe, clicking pictures is an integral part of roadtrips, for they help you preserve the memories of the ride.



Anyways, Murthal was on the go. Murthal is a village 50 km from the Delhi’s Northern Border, on NH1. The moment you enter this highway, you can see endless rows of colourful dhabas, and it looks all the more beautiful in the evenings, when there are colourful light bulbs that we generally get to see around Christmas and Diwali only, with lots of vehicles parked on the either side of road, ranging from luxury sedans like Mercedes and Audi, to trucks and tempos. At times, one has to tussle for parking space but certainly it’s not as bad and tiring as waiting for an hour for getting in to a restaurant in Connaught Place in New Delhi; a place where one can see those sedan owners sitting next to truckers and enjoying the similar meal. We reached our favorite resto destination in Murthal, the Sukhdev dhaba. It was a lot different than it used to be at night when we were here last time at night. Crowd was much lesser & parking was deserted like it never existed. This time we got to park the rides in front of the table itself, for it was no other vehicle resting there.


Tony n Me

As soon as grab a table on such dhabas, you simply want to forget that you are on a diet, and indulge in those delicious paranthas of all kinds with Makkhan and Dal Makhni, served with lots of butter floating on it. If you have forgotten the taste of fresh vegetables, these dhabas, while serving vegetarian dishes, use fresh green vegetables directly brought from the nearby fields and cooked in pure homemade ghee, unlike in our city restaurants, where they are stored for weeks. Food is always hot and fresh at any time of the day or night. You can eat without needing those digestive pills, because the countryside air is at your aid to help you digest. Unfortunately, if you over indulge yourself, then they have all sorts of those digestive pills and Heeng golis to offer. Also, there are fields in the backyards of these dhabas, where you can go for a walk. Surely it will give you a whole desi feel. The prices are nominal; a splendid meal for four will not cost more than Rs. 300. The atmosphere is pretty relaxing and makes you feel sleepy after that glass of Lassi (Butter milk). Food is served in a perfect ambiance, with truckers and other travelers lying on the Manjis (Cots) and Punjabi music playing in the background, thus adding to the whole experience.


Taking a break!

That was much about the Dhaba experience. It was 10:30AM by the clock & was time for heading back home! We pulled our crazy selves together & headed for the highway. While we were riding at nominal speeds along the stretch, I thought of meeting up with my cousin brother living in my native place in Narela, which was aprox 8-9 kms away from where we were! I asked my co-riders, if they wanted to join me or would just want to carry on with the ride back home. Karan stood in & Tony was willing to head back to his place. That’s what happened. I & Karan went to Narela, covering another 20 kms back& forth off-route, stayed at my cousin’s place for an hour, shared chilled Lemonades, watched some cool music videos & talked about stuff… The clock hitted 12 noon and this made us rush, as I had a project report to finish at home. We descended from there & headed towards the land where we came from, that’s much poetic I guess… I reached home at 12:45PM; it was a hot afternoon that made me head for a shower again.

This was pretty much of my yet another travelogue to one of my favorite destinations for a day outing with friends. Murthal seems vulnerable whenever I feel the need of a short ride. I wish there are more of such rides coming up in future (with comparatively more & better photographs).








Murthal Calling (Chapter 1)

Is it like necessary that one must have rigid plans before leaving for a roadtrip. I guess not! Though, it’s always a matter of instant vibe. Try questioning yourself for what you need at the very moment, and the answer comes from within indeed. “Lets ride!” that’s what the inner you reply. Scribbling through the regular routine of your 9 to 5 job doesn’t let you be the optimist rider that you really are, on an average day. However, that leaves an empty space in there. What can prove to be the ample amount of matter to fill that gap, you aren’t sure.

You can easily find an engineering student digging deep in books trying to come out with a probable discovery that would pave way for a bright professional future. But for one like me a shiny progress report card is just not enough for delight. With the four years of engineering studies, one actually finds ways to enchant himself at times, although he’s got to be willing enough for reaching out to the unconventional trait of life. This I say with ample experience! ;)

Often I’d sit back and study the core, for I love exploring regardless of where it comes from. Since it’s been about Biking all the time, I’m here to talk bikes for sure. Here’s something I pull out of my experience bag. It was a warm night, July 16, 2009. I was at my friend’s place and we were discussing regarding our mock interview results. Hours went by while I was there, discussing boring intellectual stuff & trying to figure out what’s in store for us. I was wishing to find a way to disappear from my buddy’s sophisticated talks; he’s a nerd I tell you! As soon as the clock hit 9, I jumped out of the place. It was a relief coz there’s one thing an engineering student can’t stand for long & that is studies. Yeah, sounds strange but the aptness of the fact and the pain of bearing it only can be understood by an engineering student itself. I was riding down smoothly on the society roads to my place, when I met Someshwar & Rajat, my buddies from school, pleasing their bellies outside a famous Chinese Cart that served delicious Spring Rolls. Feeling hungry already, they are a must try. Got into some casual chat with them & from the midst of the talkies, the idea of going for a nightout ride emerged. Obviously, it was me who was most excited about the ride & was hopping to execute the plan. If I get a chance to break out of my regular schedule & hang out with my best pals, I’m game, for it serves as a stress reliever & I can easily turn my back on what exhausts me the most.

Relaxing at NH1

What next? We went for it indeed. The place wasn’t yet decided but we were on a roll for sure. We decided to meet near my place at 11:30PM. We were two riders & Someshwar as pillon on Rajat’s bike. I descended to my place & informed my parents about the nightout ride and asked for permitting me for the same as well. All permits gained, I was good to go. I had dinner, packed a bag with the bike’s documents, my driving license & some other stuff.

Note: Having complete documents with you including Vehicle’s Registration Certificate, PUC, Driving License & Insurance Certificate, while riding at any time of the day is a must. For it ensures safety & shows your responsibility towards the bike & discipline while riding.

A close look...

And so I informed Rajat to do. It was 11:15PM & I was excited enough for my first ever nightout ride. I took my gloves & jacket, swung the bag around my shoulder & grabbed the helmet. I was there at the meeting point at 11:25PM & my ride partners were nowhere to be seen. Waited for them for another 10 minutes but when there was no sign of them, I called up Rajat and asked him where was he. “Bas pahuch gaya bhai…” he replied. He was there in no time after that. I was glad to see both of them wearing helmets & Rajat with his riding gloves. I asked him if he had his vehicle’s documents & his driving license in place, “Yepp!” he said.


Waiting for someone??

Now it was time, we had to decide the place & that too quickly, for it was 11:50PM already. Rajat suggested some place in North Delhi; he knew of & was pretty sure about the quality of food there. Someshwar wanted to ride to Gurgaon highway & looked excited about the McDonalds meal. I was more of a ride guy that someone looking for just good food. That’s when the idea of rolling towards Murthal struck me. Murthal was a package to ride to. Smooth highway, well-maintained roads & awesome food at the dhabas at the highway side. NH1 is undoubtedly a treat to ride on for it offers safe & smooth roads and one can easily find a place to reside or rest. There are ample motels & dhabas on Nh1 especially in the Murthal part. And that’s what we were looking for. So it was decided, Murthal was the place to be!

Murthal is a small town in Haryana, around 60 kms from Delhi. Murthal is famous for its highway dhabas where one can find all kinds of North Indian vegetarian food. Murthal is a hot-spot for travelers migrating to Delhi or towards Chandigrah or Punjab. I have a fair experience of travelling on Nh1 so can be pretty sure about the quality of food & hospitality of Murthal Dhabas.


Rahul Arora – HH Hunk

Rajat (with Someshwar as pillon) – Bajaj Discover 125

We descended towards NH1. It was mixed feeling of anxiety & nervousness, reason being that I was for the first time, riding to a distant place at night. We crossed Delhi-Karnal Bypass at 12:45AM. “Woww! Look at this man…” Rajat exclaimed, on witnessing the latest guideways & flyovers connecting Azadpur, Rohini & Karnal Road without a single traffic stop lights. I, however was aware of the newest roads for I travelled the same track a month ago with my relatives while heading towards Ludhiana, Punjab.

The newly formed Bypass Guideway is amazingly flawless to ride on & at the same time, allows a first timer like Rajat here, to figure out directions. It was nearly 01:25AM when we crossed Delhi-Haryana Border near the Sub-City of Narela, which actually is a part of Delhi & my birth place as well. Everytime while I trade near the place, I want to move back & be the freaky 10 year old boy. Apparently, my we left the place long ago & moved to East Delhi. And now I was here, bold enough to ride down on my bike with pals to places never visited before, atleast not like this!



As you enter the NCR region just after crossing the Singhu Border, scenario changes drastically. Suddenly you find different road conditions with weird looking auto-rickshaw drivers staring at you like they never saw someone on a bike. Humour apart, but there’s something that doesn’t retain its appearance while one cuts through the lines & enters Haryana. Though, it’s called the NCR region uptil Sonepat, but nothing seems to have an urban touch. However, this difference has its own charm! One can actually feel the raw sound of air & smell the unusual aroma. Whether it’s the cow dung or the sugarcane fields, but it is unusual. This rawness contained in the aura works for me all the time. It actually lets one to break free to life in a way seldom touched before.

Everything felt new & fresh, whether it is the tdi City under-construction sites or the Parsavnath Mall situated just next to the border. I’m not sure if someone visited that Mall ever, it was deserted. Anyways, none of them were our destination for the night. It was a wide road with well-lit pathways & dividers. I was lost in the beauty of the ride, when suddenly I heard someone shouting & may be calling my name as well. I turned and saw Someshwar screaming my name out, while Rajat rode just next to me.


That's Someshwar...

“Where on Earth is your place Murthal? We’ve been riding for more than an hour now.” He screamed in a horrified voice. “Just a few kilometers ahead, stay with me!” I replied. He then blabbered in that same weird tone, “I guess you are trying to kidnap me & my humble rider here (he meant Rajat) and take us to an unknown badland…” I laughed & shouted, “No one’s gonna pay ransom for you jerk! What am I gonna do with you two freaks put under captivity?” “God bless Section 377…” he spoke in a suspicious voice. And that was all; I didn’t reply to a suspicious comment like that & rode straight. And this was it; we reached Murthal in no time. I signaled Rajat to ride behind me on the left side of the road as the dhabas went by. I was looking for my favourite resto-dhaba named Sukhdev Dhaba. Many spots gone by when the devil screamed again, “Gulshan dhaba, Pehalwan dhaba, Zimindar dhaba & God forbidden dhaba, all are here, where do you wanna take us to?” I stayed quiet & looked for my place. And there was it. We reached Sukhdev dhaba at 02:10AM and believe me it was a sigh of relief, not only coz we made it to our destination but also because Someshwar chilled out & sealed his gob when he saw the amazing crowd at the place.

Note: Look out for banners and hoardings outside the dhabas, put in a way that they are easily visible from the highway even if you are moving fast.


At the parking...


We parked the bikes next to a shop inside the premises of the dhaba itself, for the parking was full of cars & tourist buses. However, we got a table for ourselves luckily quite early than I expected looking at the crowd there. Rajat asked me, “What’s the best in food here?” I told him that usually people enjoy having paranthas here with curd & famous Pachranga pickle of Haryana. The dhaba had almost all varieties of paranthas & pickels. Apart from there, one can easily find North Indian vegetarian food as well. While the attendant served water, I threw a glance at the menu card. But just for the sake of it, because I was decided about my meal for the night, the lovely paranthas.

The attendant came stood near Someshwar n asked humbly, “Kya laun Sir?” Rajat jumped in asked him what was available at that God-forbidden time. He smiled & said,” You’ll get everything you need Sir ji…” I was hungry enough to enjoy that wonderful conversation, so I interrupted in & asked the guy, “What variety in paranthas you have? The moment I finished my question, the guy kick started, and this is what he said in reply, “Aaloo parantha, Gobhi parantha, Paneer parantha, Methh parantha, Pyaaz ka parantha, Mooli parantha……” And the list never would have stopped had Rajat didn’t interrupt him. At last, we ordered some delicious paranthas with curd & tea.

The paranthas at such dhabas are served with great gratitude towards the customer’s health. And keeping health in mind, the attendant brought the paranthas with almost 100 gram butter per parantha. Rajat got shocked & asked me, “Do we have to finish this bulk right here right now?” I laughed & never answered his call. Well, food is awesomely delicious there, so next time if you travel on NH1, make sure that you take a halt & enjoy mouth-watering recipes of the dhabas.

Goshh, it was 03:30AM by the clock and we weren’t at all in the mood of sleeping, as we would normally do at this hour. But looking at a 65 kms ride back home, we didn’t waste more time & decided to head back. Rajat & Someshwar had plans to visit Bangla Sahib Gurudwara in Connaught Place early morning. I, on the other hand, was willing to ride back straight to home & hit the bed. So we clicked some photographs (though it was dark & my Nokia N70 ‘s 2MP lens did what it could do best with the pics), pulled ourselves together & set off for ride back home.


That's me!


Rajat carrying the lids to the parking area...

It was 04:45AM when we reached the Delhi-Karnal Bypass where we could see the early morning traffic as it was some light then & vehicles could be seen. This was the time that I realized that we actually made it a complete nightout for the first time together. It was fun, comfortable & undoubtedly a delicious ride. We reached ISBT crossing at 05:10AM. Rajat signaled me to stop by the road side. We halted, bid goodbyes to one another, praised the lovely food we had & the wonderful nightout as well. Then I moved towards my place & them both were off to Connaught Place. Reaching home after a ride is always a bright feeling. I got home at 05:30AM; my parents were awake as per their regular schedules. The only one who was off-schedule was me 😛


On the way back home!

Alright folks, this was my attempt to wrap in words an ordinary yet fun roadtrip that I managed to complete with my best pal, my bike. Here’s a small confession from my side. I need my readers to accept the quality of pictures that I’ve posted here & don’t mind the clarity, as it has got an obvious reason. Such dark atmosphere with an unsophisticated lens resulted in what you see in this blog. I’ve tried to bring out the best in what I had. Cheers!